The recent COVID19 restrictions in Sydney could impact deliveries, we appreciate your understanding

The customers we serve are in the following ports.

Australia - Sydney

Australia - Perth

USA - California

USA - Texas

USA - Phoenix

USA - Florida

USA - New York

USA - Idaho

USA - Salt Lake City

Canada - Vancouver

Target Market

FDM is a boutique business that will personalise our operation to suit your company's needs. FDM does not strive to be the biggest but rather a true partner that offers a total supply chain solution to our clients. At FDM our philosophy is for growth through the growth of our customers and the attraction of new customers from referrals by our long standing existing client base.

New Business Start-up in Australia

FDM has been heavily involved and supportive of a number of US and Australian start up businesses. We see a real benefit in supporting start-up companies with good business models and have enjoyed seeing start up companies quickly transform to becoming successful major customers. The energy of all these companies has been focused on Sales and Marketing where the Supply Chain responsibilities are left to the experts, FDM.

Multilevel Marketing and Party Plan

We specialise in the Multilevel Marketing and Party Plan space due to our heavy involvement with the DSAA (Direct selling Association of Australia). We offer our warehouse and transport solutions to a number of customers in this segment throughout Australia and in the United States of America.

General Retail Space or Companies looking to Outsource

Many retail clients and companies wishing to outsource their logistics operations find that the flexibility and transparency of the FDM web access allows them to focus more on their core business and leave the handling of product to the specialist team at FDM.

Warehouse Third Party Logistics or Freight

At FDM we are able to offer clients:
  • a freight service which utilizes our extensive delivery network which covers Australia, New Zealand and Asia
  • state of the art 3PL warehousing systems,
  • a combination of both,
  • or just advice, which is free!

Profile that fits

We are conscious that we cannot be everything to everyone and therefore analyze the profile and business model of potential customers. If we believe their profile does not fit our business, we will advise this and refer the business to other companies. Service levels at FDM are of the highest importance and will not be compromised for short term gain.