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About FDM

FDM is a wholly owned Australian company that specialises in providing a personalised customer service for warehousing and distributing products around Australia. Two distinct parts of our business work hand in hand providing a one-stop solution in:

• Third Party Logistics (3PL) Warehousing
• Transport and Distribution

The FDM warehousing operations are carefully tailored to allow for the consolidation of all freight that feeds into our transport network. Operating from new purpose-built facilities FDM is able to offer clients a one-stop solution, from receipting your product into our 3PL system through to the delivery to your customer’s door.

Our end-to-end facilities are designed to enable the most efficient handling and management of our clients’ products. Our business is driven by scanning and exception reporting, which enables FDM to offer a superior level of information and transparency to our customers. Security is one of our highest priorities with all premises protected by the latest in video surveillance equipment and alarm monitoring systems.

Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) can be accessed online so you can track your order’s status from order entry to delivery. Our distribution network has scanning checkpoints throughout Australia with track events that can be accessed by each customer online.

At FDM we pride ourselves on offering a personalised service. No matter how large we grow we will never lose our focus on individual business relationships with our clients. We choose to provide services to clients who best suit our profile to ensure there is a real value proposition for both them and us. Remaining a boutique company reinforces our strength of a personalised flexible culture in partnership with our customers.