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Our Story

We have worked successfully with FDM for 10 years. They have supported our growth across Australia and New Zealand, by providing us with a quality and reliable service.

We exist to inspire and empower individuals, families and communities to live their best life through a journey of nutrition, health and overall wellness.

The Complication

As a key player in the rapidly evolving direct selling world, we wanted to have the freedom to be able to focus on our business and the growth of our business, without having to worry about the mechanics of it.

  • Time-poor.
  • Juggling multiple priorities.
  • Delays in shipments.

The Solution

FDM’s advanced warehouse management system and transport network has allowed us to have the freedom to grow our business. While, with all business’, there have been challenges along the way, both of us have worked together to find solutions and draw on expert knowledge to find a way forward.

  • Efficiently manage our warehousing and freight needs.
  • Being faster to market.
  • Competitively priced.

The Results

FDM has supported our tremendous growth across Australia and New Zealand, by providing us with a quality and reliable service.

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